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Tranzparent Software has been developed to provide a dynamic and live strategic planning process to synchronise with your Business Operation

  •  Tranzparent Software is a New Zealand based Company.
  •  It operates on the Cloud 
  •  Specifically designed for Small and Medium Enterprises

  • For use by Business Owners (Shareholders) , Directors and Managers. It can also be used by approved Staff Members  
  • Assists with Business Modelling, the identification of a Business Model in place or otherwise and installing a Business Model in your Business 
  • Links the Business Model to the Business Brand, the Real Business Assets that should be used to Sell your Business

  • By providing Comprehensive Business Planning and Exit and Succession Planning platforms

  •  And Important Goal Setting modules for all facets of Business
  •  Adds Deadlines and Timelines to all actions

  •  Value Maximises the sale price of your business with a planned Exit

  •  Allows  Directors to carry out their appropriate responsibilities

  •  A virtual Control Centre for your Business combining Operational Planning with Historical (accounting) software and Specified Contact software

  • Publishes Business Plans, Exit and Succession Plans and Goal Reports (as an appendix) at any time and updating when you wish

  •  Used as either DIY software or in collaboration with Advisers assisting with your business

  •  The most important software that you will use moving forward operationally or exiting from your Business



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