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Tranzparent Software has special significance to Business Advisers by providing a dynamic and relevant software Tool. The software can be used 24/7 in collaboration with the Business owner, Director or assigned company representative to strategically plan now and into the future.

We have developed a modular system to operate identification and implementation of Goal Setting, Strategic, Tactical and Action Planning for the Business Owner whilst also providing time management functionality.

The software acts as an official record; meaning that advice concerning a decision can be referred back to by the Directors\Owner\Board when and if they need to use it. It enables the Business Adviser to collaborate with their clients with instantly available shared data.

To assist with an efficient workplace, Tranzparent Software can store business documents, templates, and information securely in the cloud if required. This allows the Business Owner to allow access to important documents and share them with appropriate parties (such as the adviser).

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