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Tranzparent Software is a new and dynamic business tool designed to achieve business growth and real achievement plus assisting with a measured exit from your business

Planning and Modelling
  • A Business Plan containing - Business Details, Business Operation, Marketing, Compliance, Governance and Structure Management, Team and Management Structure, Risk Management (Contingency Plans), Work Processes, The Finances

  • An Exit and Succession Plan containing - An Introduction, The Plan, Contingency Plan, Estate Planning, Personal Retirement, Sale Administration, Implementation Date and Exit Date, Review

  • A Modular Goal Setting system containing - Goals, Strategy, Tactics, Action Plan, Key Performance Indicators, Notes, Key Dates and Deadlines

  •  Goal Setting Modules for - Business Operations, Exit and Succession Planning, Sales and Marketing, IT Planning, Risk Management, Financial Management, Directors Meeting, Estate Planning, Wealth Creation

  • An introduction to Business Modelling to assist with the recognition of Company Brand, essential at point of sale


Tranzparent Software has been built with the principles of security, safety, and confidentiality at the heart of its design.

Ease of use

Time is the most valuable commodity. With Tranzparent Software you don’t have to waste time learning how to use the system when you could be growing your business. The software is intuitive and can be mastered easily.


Tranzparent Software identifies networking as a key process in any business. It will link with your Accounting Software,Banking and important business contacts. Tranzparent Software allows you to manage your Directorship, Shareholding and personal affairs on one platform and will keep your data secure in the cloud, controllable from anywhere you may be and always moving your business forward. Tranzparent Software will become your 'Control Centre' when used effectively. 

Methodical Process

When the time comes to sell a business, an unplanned approach usually ends with a less than optimised result. The very best sale of businesses occur when the Business owner is in charge of the planning, the process and most importantly, the sale price.

Tranzparent Software provides the user with the tools required for success including the selling process with minimal disruption to operations. When planned with Tranzparent Software, a business is optimised to provide continuum when ownership changes thereby value maximising the sale price.


Tranzparent Software provides you with the necessary tools to ensure that appropriate levels of Governance are carried out within your Business. It provides the basis of your Director's Meeting (a Business Plan) and also allows for secure and prompt reporting between Directors of the Company whilst retaining all documented decisions, meetings, goals and activities. 


When the Business Plans and Exit and Succession Plans are completed, Tranzparent Software will publish the documents on line, automatically downloading a PDF copy on the Hard Drive of your computer when viewed. You can also simply view the Business Plan on the Software or archive older versions (able to be reviewed if required). Tranzparent Software will also publish a Goal Report that will list your Goals, Strategies, Tactics, Action Plan and KPI's. The Goal Report will also interpret short term Goals, Medium Term Goals and Long Term Goals plus display 'Goals in Progress', 'Goals achieved', 'Goals failed' and 'Goals archived'. 

N.B. The user of the software can publish at any time, partial completion or completion. Partly completed plans may be used as reference for 'work in progress'.

User Instructions

Tranzparent Software provides a unique and practical set of instructions on the use of the software. Using Key Words such as 'What', 'Who', 'Why', 'When' and 'How', the user will quickly understand the varied functionality of the software and will be able to use it to improve the operational activities of the company, move the company into the future and increase its value for future saleability. 

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